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waking up in the morning

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\O ohoho


do you have ask(.)fm ? ^_^

yes but after logging in for the first time i alr abandoned it bc it got bombarded w asks lol


your edits are so per fect I'm in t ears

haha what!?11?121?@


let me wipe your tears bc no they’re not perf ;o;

Where are you from? Love your blog btw

im from cebu,hehohehoehue thankyou! 



So this is my 1st follow forever. I know it’s extremely short but, I always come back to these few people. Also i’ve been kinda busy with life and haven’t been active as much, so thank you to those who haven’t clicked that unfollow button, as tempting as it is. There’s not a lot of diversity in this one although considering my blog is like 90% jongin, I think it’s a given. I promise next time it’ll be longer and i’ll add different genre themes and such. Anyway thank you so much to all my followers you guys have made this blogging experience worth while. Even when I kept changing what I blog and experimenting with themes, you guys who stuck around, you seniors, I truly appreciate it. ♥♥♥  Also I didn’t pick a few to underline or bold anyone special as friends or mutuals. In case we have a miscommunication on our friendship status on my part (that would be embarrassing) and if we’re not friends cool, I still think your blog rocks but don’t tell me ssshhh. Basically if you think we’re friends we probably are and I love you lots and dream about giving you hugs, kisses, and pats on the head. Also most of you are mutuals so yeah! :) Also I just feel really bad about how little the list is and surprisingly it was hard to find this many O.O’ i’m sorry i’m a failure not that I tried very hard. So just message me if I missed you or something. I know i said I was going to do this a while a go but, it kinda got lost in my drafts then i had to edit it but here it is! :) I’d also like you to know that even if you’re not on here I still value you’re presence on my dash and think you are amazing and have a wonderful blog. :)


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